How do you deal with burnout when you can’t afford to stop working?

C Lian E.
Hey. First of all I just want to say that we are in this together ❤.
Okay so here is what I can suggest based on my experience with burnout. 1) If you have people you can call on for help- coworker, a parent, a neighbour, a friend, do that!! See if they can cook you a meal one night, pick up your kid for you, give you some words of advice. If you dont have anyone like that, look to someone who inspires you, a celebrity maybe, who may have a quote or a story that provides you with some perspective. 2) Prioritize your health. Go for a check-in at a local clinic or with your family doctor. It doesn't have to take more than 15 min. Tell them what going on, see what they suggest.
3) Prioritize your health. Pay attention to the things you eat. When I get stressed, I eat pizza, I eat a bag if chips, I buy myself cheesecake even though I'm trying to save money. And then I feel like garbage, and I dislike myself. Cut up some carrots, put them in water, and have them a few times a week. 4) Take a moment to think about what you have to do in a day. Be creative. Think about the things you can shorten in time, say no to, get help with. Don't be ashamed, it's not worth your health.
I hope this helps!!