If your career is largely a matter of self discipline (writing, painting, etc) how do you combat periods of sadness, doubt or any other mood?

Nicklas Z.
I completely understand this, because I am a writer myself. Sometimes I ask for extensions and I am honest about why it’s taking me so long to give in my work. Other times I distance myself from work and pretend that I work for a daily newspaper wherein I need to submit an article, by hook or by crook. So I just detach and get it done, compartmentalize until I get to finish, and then I go into my wallowing afterwards to get it finished.
Ethan U.
Self care is important. I will take a day to make my three priorities taking care of myself. Today I took a long, hot bath. I write a snail mail to my cousin. I made sure I ate healthy food and skipped a night time activity. I just needed to recoup. There are other days where I am intensely working. If there is a deadline I have to write no matter what is going on.
Dan N.
I don't like my job.I am a painter, I studied painting on the Academy of fine arts but some life circumstances brought me in a job that doesn't inspire me any more…i like creative jobs.I would prefere to earn for living from painting and photography.But I am not able and I don't know how to change my job and life and exit this daili 7a.m.-3 p.m. routine.
Jacqueline N.
I am currently reading a book and it helped me a lot to get rid of those negative feelings: Quiet Mind Epic Life. Tip: I am using a free trial of Amazon Kindle Unlimited and I got the book for free there.
Morgan O.
I give myself time to be in those moods. To be sad or have doubt. Not too much time, then I reboot with self love, motivation, and positive affirmations to help get me back on track. Having a plan and schedule are vital. Without them I would never get back on track.