What do you do after a breakdown to start anew?

Florence Z.
I reevaluate my existing plans and try to find the bottle neck, the reason i failed. Then adjust the plans with that in mind. Its okay to fail or breakdown as long as you pick yourself back up make a small adjustment to not make the very same mistake and go on towards another better breakdown/failure. Its almost like a milestone. The more of them you reach the more you grow. Its a learning process always remember 10000 ways something doesnt work the sooner thats out of the way the sooner a breamthrough comes. Be kind to yourself! Its okay to fail – no, its actually very very desirable!

Tyrone Y.
Having been there, done that, to an extent … when I was retrenched having been with a Co. For 10 … all you can do is pick yourself UP & go forward as best you can. It took me a VERY long time to put my CV together (+- 6 months. My confidence was SHATTERED😢 …). I just didn’t know what I would tell interviewers about what had “happened” at my previous place of employment. I have then been through several iterations of “Consulting” (read self employed on the “bread line”) & back to “Corporate” mainly SME’s. I am am now +- 5 years later, Consulting & building my own little business UP from scratch. It has been TOUGH. Very TOUGH & I have been lucky enough to have an amazing wife with a pretty good job – who has helped us to keep our (financial) heads – abound water. I have learned a lot about myself & that in many ways you can rely on no-one BUT yourself & I am building back UP slowly & steadily …
Murray | 🎯 m+

PS – I am just north of 50 years old – which is of course a factor in the (conventional) job – market & in kearning to adapt to being an “entrepreneur” …

Ricky A.
I remind myself that past is something I can't change. But I can change the future. And to change the future I need to start doing something in the present.

Stella W.
I always find one thing I know I am capable of completing and I do that task. It helps me reinstate how awesome I know I can be. So I can start fresh with a goal already completed.

Gustav P.
Don’t fight it. Allow yourself to fall, to cry, to feel. You are on a journey. You are going to have setbacks. Be kind to yourself but also take no crap. Keep your eyes on the prize. Tell yourself you are allowing this breakdown for today but tomorrow, you are going to attack the day for the better.

Edineusa C.
Just jump in! Remember that even if you're not where you were on your best day, even doing a little bit of good today will make you better than yesterday.

Tristan E.
I allow myself to be present in my breakdown. But not long enough to be endulgent. Acknowledge that today is a bad day and I need a break but have no excuses for tomorrow. Get up the next morning and get back at it.

Tom Y.
Calm yourself and find your center. Don't beat yourself up over it. We are human, nothing we do is perfect, but keep trying. Eventually there will be fewer and fewer breakdowns and more and more oh what we want. For me, personally, I have found watching Jordan Peterson's lectures very beneficial, but you can watch or listen to whomever resonates the most with you. Keep trying, and if you fail, try again and again. Our biggest struggles come from within, negotiate with yourself and imagine you are your own pet (how would you treat your child or pet in the same situation). Go from there and continue your journey!

Danielle P.
I'll forget my failure. I think everyday as my only day to accomplish things what I planned already. My failure is assured only when I fail to plan. So I have routine when I don't have anything special to plan on a specific day. If it's a specific day where I'm going to travel or I'm going to my hometown. In such case I'll change my plan and routine for this special days

Kasper Z.
I continue in the same way. I write down the emotion associated with the breakdown (e.g. “needing” to smoke weed), then I come back to my work. Note: I do all work and writing down of distractions on my computer so I can quickly go back to work after each focus-break.