How long do you do Deep Work? I’ve kept mine at 25 minutes but is there more benefit to focusing for longer periods at a time?

Pat Z.
I think it depends on personal habits and the difference of tasks. my work is usually layout design or digital illustration on computer so I need to look at the screen at all time. I've tried 2hrs deep work for the past few weeks and it went perfectly well for me. Usually I will follow the flow and went on to 3hrs. The benefit is that it's easier for time scheduling, and also my work flow won't be cut into pieces and i get a sense of satisfaction after 2-3hrs because I can see a concrete progress on the task. I Tried 4hrs once but it is too long for me. brain will get a bit too stubborn on unnecessary details and eyes will get tired. 25 min deep work is more like a starter for me. Yet, these are just my personal habit regarding the tasks on screen. I still need to find out my habit when doing different kind of task.
Marcia P.
It depends on the task, but I often find that I can really get in "the zone" with a 4-hour deep work session. This isn't practical for every session, and it is difficult to block distractions that long; but I try to do one a week. It's a great feeling to be so wrapped up in my project, so connected to my purpose, and so productive!
G Lay U.
25 mins with 5 minute breaks is an ideal time unless you think you’d need longer periods to enter flow states. Deep work with quick breaks can be used to maintain productivity throughout the day though
Adolfine Y.
So far I have only stuck to 25 minute periods. However, I plan to expand my session lengths over time. This will increase the habit of focusing in my brain and make working easier. Also, I imagine that being able to sit for 4 hours truly working the whole time with no distractions would be insanely productive.
Jesus B.
It depends on you ability to concentrate. You might be able to remain focused for hours or only for 30 minutes. For me, 30 minutes is plenty. If you want to go beyond that, you could try adding in breaks of 5 minutes.