Do you play music while doing deep work?

Maja Z.
Yes! It helps me to get my distraction away and sets both a steady pace and good mood while listening some of those songs I enjoy the most. Sometimes I race against the duration of a playlist to beat it and add an extra sense of completion.

Layla E.
I have a special playlist with vocal free music, I find it helps soooo much. Then working can become a pleasurable dance and it makes me really happy. Here's the link to it… It's super eclectic.

Zena U.
From time to time, usually when I'm in a public place, almost never at all. It's always either strictly instrumental music or a specific band that makes Norse folk music (the same I use to meditate from time to time)

Ken J.
Yes! I like playing upbeat music while working, especially if I feel like I'm not in the mood to work. If I feel like it's too distracting, I switch to a calmer playlist or just lower the volume.

Irene Q.
Yes! It is all depending on what you are doing and how you focus best. I hope this helps! Continue to grow in your fabulousness! ❤️🌹

Camila Z.
Yes, I used to listen Lofi hip hop, but some of that songs has lyrics and it made mad, I didn’t concentrate enough. Then I began to listen chill but Now I prefer to listen baroque allegros by Vivaldi or Bach

Erstename S.
Nope. I can't focus as much as I'd like if there's music playing, because I'd rather just jam out. However, sometimes I play music when doing low mental intensity work.

Christa N.
Sometimes. It really depends on what I am doing. Yesterday I was going through paperwork and receipts. I did listen to up beat music to cheer me up during this boring task. But when I have to focus I use either no music or focus piano music or a water fountain

Sonya Z.
I prefer white noise from the Calm app like beach waves or nature sounds. Selecting music can be too distracting and the white noise enhances my calm energy for better focus.

Tilde W.
Almost always. I have a few playlists on Spotify that are my go-it’s:
Tribal Drums Ambient
Brain Food
Mellow Beats
Low-Fi Hip-Hop

Kirra X.
I play ambient noise that sometimes have ambient, instrumental music in it. I have ADHD, so it helps to occupy some brain space allowing me to focus better. is amazing

Rafia F.
Yes, I usually listen to soft rock/indie or light instrumental music. However, lately I've been finding myself going back to the forest morning sounds on Fabulous. It calms me down and helps regain my focus.

Bianca E.
It depends on my mood. Sometimes if I really really motivated in the moment to get something done, I want to just do it without stopping to get situated, because I'll lose the moment of motivation. Otherwise, I'll usually get situated first setting up with music and a snack. I keep a water bottle nearby and usually go for chillhop or ambient music, since it's been shown music with Lyrics makes you lose focus.