Do you adjust your deep work sessions according to the task or do you simply work in regular intervals?

Roger Q.
I adjust my schedule depending on the tasks for the day, But what I've trying is to avoid using my phone at all when working at my desk
Imaculada S.
I adjust my deep work to address whatever is niggling at me or I’ve procrastinated about. The 25 min is just the baseline for the time I spend and forces me to push through discomfort and avoidance. I always feel accomplished when I at the very least begin something difficult, even if I can’t get it done in a 25 min block.
Adem U.
I adjust according to the time frame I have on that day. If I
can finish it in a 1 hour solid focus of the work at hand I will
Justin C.
I usually like to adjust the deep work sessions whenever I need to focus and concentrate. This is one of the main reasons I searched for an application that could help me out with my focus problem I had in the previous months. With the help of deep work I can focus at one task (in my case one deep work per project) and finish it without getting distracted or loosing concentration.