What do you do when you feel so down?

Julie P.
When I’m feeling down, I like to focus on hobbies and spend time with pets. It cheers me up just about every time. When those can’t cheer me up, however, then I know that there’s probably something else going on, and so I start to get to the bottom of the issue.

Nathaniel Q.
Walk! (I live in a city, so I try to take quieter streets.) And if I’m really down (or worried, or stressed), I do a “walking meditation”.

It’s like a breath meditation, but I pick a less crowded block and start walking at a slightly slower pace around the block. Then I start to soften my gaze… looking down just enough to see the fronts of my feet as I walk.

I try to focus on the motion of my legs… and I try to be aware of my breath. If the space allows… I let myself slow down even more. Being more and more gentle with myself and my body’s motion.

But, if you’re in a city… don’t cross the street. Just stay on the block and stay alert of your surroundings.

With these rules in place, I can create my own little peaceful island, even when surrounded by a world of chaos.

Kenzo T.
I let myself feel down. It’s okay to feel down. It’s all part of it. You don’t get the good without the bad. I lean into the discomfort I let my pain wash over me. I sit with it. I don’t medicate or distract from it. It is what makes me human. When I honor my pain I find that it’s only there to say a thing or two. To remind me of something or to teach me something new. It’s always painful, but I don’t always have to suffer.

Albin J.
I think of something I am grateful for. Remember what I have rather than what I don't have. Keep a gratitude diary. Post one thing daily you are grateful for. When you are low, read your diary. It helps to shift the mindset to a positive one.

Angelina F.
I would be writing down my self- talk and I'd be using CBT Cognitive Behavior therapy or Mindfulness Diffusion. if my self -talk was a problem I also be using looking at the self Critic in compassionate Focused Therapy.

Maybe simply google help for feeling down.

Caroline Z.
Let myself feel really terrible for 30-60 minutes, then set to work figuring out why I feel down and what (if anything) I can do to make myself feel better.

Oscar C.
When I feel so down sometimes I will find the root of this feeling, is it my partner?, is it my work that so stressful?, etc. After I found a cause of the feeling I will start correcting my thought or my perspective of it, make it more optimistic. This feeing can happen anytime anywhere to anyone, there is no right or wrong, you just have to accept it and find the root cause.

Ps. and most of the time it because of you make yourself so sad and drama-addict, remind yourself you could choose not to be like that it is all up to you.

Clarence P.
Take a nap first then have a deep reflective meditation or journaling session to figure out why and what’s my next steps would be.

Gavin X.
I go to the gym and I exercise and I do my workout 🏋️‍♀️ classes. It helps me calm down. Plus I do yoga 🧘‍♀️ and my guided meditation 🧘‍♀️ and that also helps me calm down.

Connor S.
I sit quietly. I think about the things that went wrong in the whole day. Or sometimes I get irritated and shout at people for insignificant things.

Genesis U.
Iask myself why I feel so down and after I ask myself why I feel down I ask myself what I need to feel loved in that moment. For me I'm realizing that when I feel sad I just need to feel it and know that I'm loved.

Susanna J.
I used to lay down to sleep the feeling away but it always came back as soon as I woke up. It has taken a long time but now I am able to look at the feeling and think about where it comes from.
Identify – I write down what emotion I am feeling.
Accept – I let the feeling be. I let it come over me and describe what it does to me and to my body.
Attribute – I try to figure out where the feeling comes from.
Act – I decide whether to act on the feeling or to let it go.
I used to get angry at myself and shout angry words at myself but now I say IAAA instead. IAAA Like a donkey to remind myself to Identify, Accept, Attribute, Act.
If the feeling is too strong to be confronted at once I will only write that part down and come back to it at a later time. I use an electronic journalling app. It also give me throwbacks of earlier entries it gives me a chance to evaluate how different I feel after the experience. Writing in my journal has really improved my life.

Laudelino Z.
I watch You Tube videos, listen to podcasts and meditate with the app Zen. Drink beer and sometimes say some truths to myself and hit me in the face.

Peyton E.
Whrn I'm so down, I try to get my mind off negative thoughts. I would usually work on a marketing piece for the ministry's social media. That gets my juices flowing and makes me feel better. Other times when I really dont want to use my brain anymore, I sit on the couch and catch up on a family friendly TV show. If it's evening I just sit and watch Steve Harvey as the host of Famiky Feud.

Heike A.
I search for my breath. I allow myself to feel the feelings bubbling up and make an active choice to breathe through them. Meditation often helps me process.

Est Ban Y.
Do small tasks to help feel like you have completed something, and I mean small- e.g. shower or clean your room. If you can get even a small task done, it will give you some positive motivation to do other things. Reach to your support network, talk to friends or family. Exercise if you feel up to it. Even if you don’t, try to do some exercise. You’ll feel better afterwards. I find that therapy can really help for many longer standing problems too. Keep it in mind!