How do you maintain focus when you absolutely cannot disconnect from the internet because of the nature of your work?

Nadin E.
I try my best not to be too dependent in the internet. For example most hours of the day I have my phone in airplane mode. Then when I need to check my email I just turn the data on again and check everything. If something is very important i know people will call my phone number. In this way I have control over my notifications. And no social or emails can distract me.
Andreas A.
Use a distracting website blocker like “selfcontrol” and logout of your social media accounts so that when you get distracted and want to go to facebook, you add an extra, small hurdle that can potentially discourages you.
Maria S.
I set an online or phone timer so that I focus for say thirty minutes at a time on a task, then give myself a timer for fully involved internet time. Even if you must stay connected, you can choose a focus and reward yourself with a break when you complete the focus Time.
Marieluise Y.
This is obviously a tough thing to balance, and for myself, setting my email to batch deliver updates every 30 minutes helps, as well as turning off all unnecessary push notifications. If possible try to block of small chunks of time for specific work on projects that won't be interrupted, and create exceptions for notifications through your phone or computer for important clients or co-workers.
Victoria U.
I just block the apps that distract me the most and sometimes I just uninstall them like Instagram, FB, YT … or whatever just to help me focus better.
Lisa S.
I use a program on google chrome called stay focused which sets a time limit for how long you can stay on sites like Facebook and YouTube.
I also put a timer to set how much time I have to finish my task before I can play.
Vernon O.
Such a great question! I have the same issue due to my line of work. I write on a sticky note my task that I need to focus on and I put it right in front of me. Everytime I begin, without fail, something comes up and if I start to stray from the task in front of me, I write it down on a distraction list. The moment I write it down, my focus goes back to the main task. Hope it helps!!
Liva A.
Well if your job revolves around being on a computer all the time then you have to just pay attention to what you’re doing. Personally I like to have calm music playing in the background to help me focus. No words on the songs or else I get distracted and start singing along.