What is deep work really help to improve your life, how your feel?

Greg A.
It helped me get into the “flow state” where I got my school work done faster without losing focus. It was hard to get there, I started with 25 minutes for two weeks then increased the time. I get more work done in a shorter amount of time and it feels really good to accomplish soo much in a short period of time. What takes my friends three hours to do, takes me just a hour or Hour and a half. That makes me feel better

Tim Z.
Deep work is setting a timer for a certain amount of time with small breaks where you just focus on what you need to get done. I have found that I get more things done off my to do list when I commit to deep work. I did find it was difficult to get into but when you get it and into it then you get more things done

William E.
I write a page in my bullet journal every day it gives me this sense of accomplishment and genuinely make me feel happier

Amalie E.
I am doing a deep study which is very helpful in the exam preparation, when you study deeper and focus more, it will stay longer in your head. So if you need to learn something, doesn't matter you are learning a new language or studying for an exam, doing it deeper always helps