How do you prevent other stuff from taking over your deep work time?

Ajuricaba P.
For me, I see the deep work time as a way to care for myself. And when my goal in life is to care for myself I'll do whatever it takes to provide that care.

Martina Z.
I try to close my phone and avoid distractions in general I close slack and put myself on away mode for the time I need to be thinking….. Nothing is so catastrophic to distruct me then

Cecil O.
This is something i am still working on it… i get offen distracted by the phone… or even a procratination feeling.
But i am trying to set up my mind for do it now and then its done.

Miguel Z.
Turn off the phone or put it on silent and flip the screen over. Close the door. Put headphones on if necessary. Close distracting tabs on my browser. Pick a task, take a breath, and focus! If something does pop up, acknowledge that it's there, but don't give it any attention until after the 25 min are up.

Almiro A.
Weirdly enough, when I listen to my workout music it get me in a workout mood , because exercising/ workout is one of my most dedicate habit , the music I workout to put me in the mind set of focusing on the task I’m working on ….

Heinz Willi J.
You have to compartmentalize everything, when it’s time to do your deep work do you do you work When time to celebrate you celebrate, when it’s time to sit and think about your purpose that’s what you do one thing at a time can’t accomplish everything all at once!

Marcus Z.
Schedule the deep work in your calendar and know exactly what you’re working on. Go to an area that fits exactly what you’re working on (typically by yourself and quiet) with no distractions and get after it!

Veci G.
I do it at times when I know noone will disturb me. My favourite time is actually 5am. I have been following the Miracle Morning routine and have included deep work in my routine.

Joshua S.
Well first of all try and get your self motivated. Make your self and tell your self billions of times I wanna do this goal. Keep thinking about this goal everytime you feel disstractrd, thinking about how amazing it will feel to do work.

Brian C.
Focus on doing one thing only rather than doing multiple stuff.. you can categorize your work like updating files, answering emails then work on each category after the other.. or list priorities and take them one by one.. headphones on with your favourite music and isolate from distractions until you do your job.. most important thing also no social media!

Mathieu C.
Every time when I begin the deep work session, I write down what I wanted to accomplish during the time period, when I would break the time, I noted down the reason causing distraction,.

Alexander Z.
Schedule around it realistically. Understand the need and length of transition from whirlwind of task and deep work. Carve out a physical and mental place and guard it fanatically. Clear work space and turn off notifications.

Sabine C.
Make sure I organize and check everything (like email) first. Once I know I have taken care of all the emergencies and have a clear plan, I can work for 30 mins straight on something.

Dale E.
I close my web.whatsapp page on browser, I play my "focus playlist" on Spotify, put my smartphone in airplane mode or do not disturb mode (only priority notifications), I say not (postpone) to requests from colleagues