How do you accomplish deep work when you don’t have control over your schedule?

Emmie Z.
You don't.

Why do you not have control over your own schedule?

Who are you letting run your life? Child(ren), partner, boss?

Make your life, your own.

Hanns U.
You create control. Isolate yourself, shut your phone off, ask people not to address you for short intervals when you work.
Maxence Z.
It’s not easy and never at a set time, but I try to carve out the time after lunch for it. I turn off Facebook and start.
Lola J.
You just put it in your schedule. Like walking up before you go to work, or of you are nightowl, scheudling it after work. With practica you will develop the ability yo do deep work anywhere like on a lunch break, at a airport while you wait, etc.
Charlotte P.
By being flexible
Change the time or the duration of my deep work
Some time changing what was decided on my deep work to🙂
Kimberly S.
I think having some control is necessary.. so finding the ways that you can exert your influence over work boundaries. Whether it’s blocking your calendar and not allowing meetings at that time, or finding someone to support you with childcare or other barriers.
Analice F.
I don’t know what that looks like but I would say look at the stuff that has to happen like food and sleep- is there a bubble of time before or after those? If not, and you really could be called at anytime to action, I would say. Just start like you have a full 25 minutes and stop when you have to. I find lots of pockets of time when I’m waiting for my partner before we go for a walk or out to eat and sometimes I just get completely ready and work until it’s actually time to go. Hope this helps!
Claire F.
Try to fit it in when you can. Agree to book some time that is simply not negotiable, to do your work rather than spend it all meetings. HTH.