What are your 3 most frequent interruptions during Deep Work?

Terrance U.
cellphone addiction, like checking social media, etc. there's also people talking to me even though i'm clearly focused on something.

Estelle Z.
My cat interrupts me frequently. She doesn’t mean to but she really wants my attention and I spend a lot of time at my desk and not focused on her. She sleeps a lot during the day as a result and then she’s awake at night when I need to sleep! I also have frequent interruptions by my house to meet who is continuously on the phone. If she’s not talking on the phone, then the phone is ringing. She has very long conversations on the phone. There are infrequent times of quiet in the house when she’s here. I considered going to the library to do my work but then I have to schlep a lot of papers and bags and computer and purse and books and lunch food if I’m to do that. I would preferred to work at home. And my third most frequent interruptions is my pull towards checking my emails. Even though I have set specific times for me to check my emails, I seem to run through this boredom cycle where I cycle through checking the email, the messenger, the text messages, Facebook, etc. etc. and I go through the gamut of everything I have including LinkedIn and Twitter and Instagram and anywhere that there might be notifications for me, indicating that some sort of mail or delivery has arrived. Most of it is my email. I’m trying to think of a way to get myself more disciplined around not checking it as frequently. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Rudolfo Q.
1. Phone ringing whether it is house phone or cell phone
2. Focusing on other people’s work instead of mine
3. Sleeping in

Murilo Q.
For me, the 3 most frequent interruptions during Deep Work are notifications from my phone, even if it’s mostly text from other people, thoughts that suggest that what I am doing during my Deep Work sessions are not as fun as something else I could be doing and other people talking to me when I am in deep concentration, since my focus will waver and it’ll take a long time to get the concentration back.