How to keep your focus when doing a long task?

Wanda F.
Lonnnnnng tasks are the hardest! It is so hard to sit down and focus knowing you have a time consuming task ahead of you. Well here are some of my tips
– take breaks often
-have water near you
-write out your plan
-treat your self after you’re done the task
-be patient and easy-going on yourself
-plan out the times for your long task checking the due date may help
-Play some music
-going to a quiet place where you can finish your long task
-get away from all your distractions
-be patient
-you are breaks in between the task should be doing something you like and being productive at the same time
-don’t think of anything else but the task
-Think about how you will feel after when you’re done the task
Lydia S.
I decide the task to be done prior to the event. Then when it's time to start I know what Im doing and what I want to achieve. I choose a time when I have no other commitments or responsibilities. That way I am free to do the task without interruption. I tell myself to get it done or there will be consequences. Its like running. I don't want to. But I know it's good for me. I always feel better afterwards.