I see how this works for desk workers, but what about for the millions in customer service like taxi drivers, mothers, nurses, cashiers, etc who do not sit and type in their job?

L Ccio P.
Yes I’d like to know that too. I’m still trying to grasp what deep work really is. Maybe it’s anything that is a priority. Maybe even catching up on sleep is deep work.

Brandy T.
Even in an unstructured environment we can stablish daily habits. It requires a different approach, i.e. flexibility vs hourly planning. This is why I like the daily to-do list.

Elsie J.
I believe there is different ways to interpreting deep work to me it just means concentrating on what ever you do be it driving ur taxi or taking care of ur child. This is time set aside from your usual life to really put aside your phone and all distractions to immerse yourself and focus on what you do.

Sofia U.
Your time to think doesn't have to be work related
It be time out to write a letter of gratitude to your partner, friend or family
It could be a shopping list or occasion details
Everyday is different so why not use the time on simple tasks

Anna Luise Y.
Deep work is about focus. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you do, can you spend 25 minutes or more without being distracted especially by digital media, devices, games etc.? It can be reading a book or working in the yard. The point is to develop sustained focus without allowing yourself to be distracted.

El Sio Z.
Same here! I can't use this bit for doing the work I have to do anyway. But organising the work I have to do – it works for that. I'm a cleaner, run a business, home educate my youngest son, and am really mentally disorganised. So I use this to schedule my time and work out how to stay on top of all the plates I'm spinning.

Elmer U.
The concept is the same. I'm disabled. I'm working on minimizing my processions. Over the years, I've "collected" a lot. I focus on one area and clean up there. Also, I have routines established. Some are from Fabulous. Clutter is distracting and creates more clutter. Even a cleared space is a magnet for clutter. You need to find a home for everything. Place like items with like items. If you can't find a "home" for the item, you have to ask yourself what's it's prupose? Do I have something else that does the same thing? If so, put it in the trash, recycle it, or donate it. When you get distracted by another idea write it down and add it to your list. Read your job description and focus on your responsibilities. Those would be your deep work tasks. I could explain examples of all the careers mentioned, but I've got to get up and on the road in two hours for a doctor's appointment. Yours sincerely.

Joe Z.
If I'm not at my office job but being a mom, then those 25 minutes are for any task I want to do uninterrupted. I got a lot of tidying done by just not stopping until 25 minutes are up. Sonetimes the "deep work" is focusing on me time to de-stress. I think the concept can be universally applied.

Marcele Z.
You can click the check mark when you start working. That's what I do. I don't wait for the timer because I know I'm going to work my whole shift.

Isis F.
Deep work can mean anything you wish to do with intent. I am self employed and therefore work from home a lot. Deep work might mean scheduling time for me to get through my finances – something I often put off. Or it might be focusing on charting out my goals, or tackling the chores I've allowed to lapse. Work doesn't always have to mean your career, it can be internal work, household work, working on your relationships with others, with yourself. You choose every day what Deep Work will mean for you

Janet P.
Usually for them, focus is not a problem, in a desk job, there is no baby's cry that tells you to start working. So it becomes harder to start the work. Nurses and drivers usually have jobs that call to their attention without being very repetitive. They talk to people and listen to music, as opposed to the understimulating job of typing or doing book work. This doesn't work for other jobs because in other jobs focus isn't the problem, it isso.etimes the boredom of routine work and such or tiredness.However, you could still work for 2 hours and take a small 5 minute break and such, and keep working after.

Bobby P.
Deep work for me as a Sahm means I do any activity for 25 mins not letting myself get distracted and writing distractions down. I think it can be applied to lots of activities not just desk work. I did have to adjust it for dealing with a baby for instance by classifying baby duties as a part of deep work instead of a distraction.

Isabella W.
My understanding is that Deep Work is about not allowing one to be distracted from their work for a set period of time…whatever that work is. If you own a cell phone you know what I'm talking about.

Alicia E.
I'm a stay at home mom and homeschool teacher. I made a list of everything I could do during a Deep Work Session. Here are some examples of my list of over a hundred potential tasks:
Clean out the laundry room, plan meals, create a database to compare food prices, analyze and journal about my habits, create a plan for teaching our children habits, hang frames in the hallway, read and take notes on 9 Things You Simply Must Do, do all of the prep work for the planned meals, finish sewing the tent for my daughter's bed, respond to emails, remove all notifications from Facebook, plan a container garden, organize hand me downs for our children, make all dental and doctor appointments, clean the refrigerator.
Getting Things Done is a helpful book to get you started on your brain dump list!

Elise U.
Could you specify your question please. Do you think that regular mind trening, a habit trening will not help more active or physically working people? If that ever is the statement of yours I truly can note agree with you. You specify you goals in application like this one and you fallow the instructions which indeed are reshaping your mind. Please think about it