I struggle to get deep work done as I keep getting interrupted. This is the nature of my job so I can’t change the interruptions, any suggestions on how to do deep work with interruptions? Thanks Caroline

Vivaldo C.
It seems a difficult situation, but I would say that may you could find a moment during the day in which for you it's easier not to get interrupted and focused your deep work there. I would also say that if you get interrupted for work-related things and you take out all distractions, it's still deep work!
Taylor F.
Focus on the task at hand, and do a task bit by bit. Allow for interruptions by breaking down tasks as you answer the phone for example. Then start again where you left off and just continue.
Gabriel F.
If you can’t control the interruptions, do deep work after interruptions are possible, say in the evening or early morning
Soan Z.
A few ideas— 1. Think about how to minimize interruptions. Maybe you think it’s impossible, but if you can show a supervisor that deep work accomplishes better results, maybe you allan carve out a period for deep work.
2. slow down your response. Write a note to yourself about whatever you were doing prior to the interruption so that you can return to it.
3. try a routine that brings you back to your deep work once the interruptions are over, like three deep breaths, and then reviewing what you were doing before the interruption. You just don’t want to get sucked into self-distraction after being distracted by others.