What do you do during your deep work session?

Melinda W.
Right now I am writing articles to publish on Medium in preparation to start preparing my literature review for a PhD proposal.
Zara N.
During a deep work challenge i do something that i have been putting of for a while, or something i just really hate doing. I tell myself ill do 25 minutes because this keeps me going, but i usually end if doing more!
Jan R.
I guess it depends on the job you do. I work from home doing admin work so during deep work time (2h) I focus only on doing what I need to get done for the day, focusing a lot, no distractions, and don't stop until I finish the task.
Ryan O.
I love reading and learning about new things. I’ll go to Google Scholar or any Open Access Research Journal website and just simply type in a topic I’m curious about. Then I’ll search through articles until I find one I’d like to read, print it out, and read it with a highlighter and search for important things I can take away from it.
Joy E.
First I turn off notification, second play mozart music in full volume, third don't care about my desk if that's clean or not. Just focus on what's on your to-do-list.
Ria S.
I start off by looking in the mirror and telling myself that I can do it. I then put on something relaxing to listen to. Or I open the window and listen to the birds. Then I start writing my book. I usually go over 25 minutes when I’ll into it, but less than an hour as I have things to do.
R N.
I Study by myself- and try to learn something new every week. That’s my goal for the coming month ” April” . In addition to that, I try to keep on focusing so I can finish my work faster. Yeah, I think that’s all what on my mind.
good luck!
Aysen I.
I make sure my room is all tidy, i make my self a cup of tea. Wear my comfy clothes. Tuck away devices that may distract me, and listen to calming music with no lyrics. Silence is a great way for me to keep calm whilst i deep work. Sometimes if i feel out of focus I meditate for 10 minutes in silence. At the moment I am doing 25 minute deep work session. And I try do as many as I can throughout the afternoon.
Jessica Q.
Put my phone on do not disturb and focus on one task only! Usually study, building programs for work, but always only one task at a time.
Anast Cio Q.
First i do what I have to do, usually homeworks, and then I try to complete what I always tell myself I need to do, but never have time to, so that, when I actually have time, I can complete my goals
Yana V.
Currently I am working on an experiment I have to code and that takes a lot of focus, so this is what I try to do. If I can’t do that because I am waiting for a response from someone or whatever, I usually plan my life in anyway I can so that I can stay productive for longer than the 25 minutes
Kersten O.
I am currently working on a lengthy daunting research paper. I set this time aside to do a deep contemplative or reflective dive to next steps, etc