What is deep work?

Mathys O.
Deep work can be anything that you spend time on. Whatever is important to you. For me, my deep work is writing my novels or my empowerment articles each week. Deep work could also be on a emotional, mental or spiritual level. It doesn’t have to require physical activities but it’s something that you want to work on improving about yourself or an area of your life that may be off balance.
Wanda X.
Deep work is when you sit down in a room with no distractions, you pick up your pencil and write what your going to focus in for the next hour or so. Deep work is when you focus on your work and think nothing else, it is when you are the MOST productive, it is when you get the most checked off your to do list, it is when you focus on this one task in hand you start off small and gradually get better, this is when you use your time wisely and this is when you get a chance to be alone and work with zero interruptions from anything or anyone!
Frankie C.
Deep work is when you sit down and are able to focus on your work. No distractions like notifications from the phone or colleges asking questions. Your mind stays on the task instead of wandering. There can be breaks, every 30 min or once an hour. But when you sit back down again it’s easy to get into it again because your mind hasn’t wandered that far. It’s a good productive feeling.