How do you deal with distractions?

L Gio C.
It’s very hard, but when I need to be focus on something, basically, I distract my brain, I play music, or a tv program, or listen something , on that way, my hands are more productive
Morgan X.
By setting a lot of alarms on my phone, but this makes me feel sometimes anxious. So sometimes I just block my phone, cause it's the biggest distraction for me.
Kamali O.
I categorize distractions into 4 categories: Important and Urgent | Important and Not Urgent | Not Important and Urgent | Not Important and Not Urgent. Important and Urgent I will consider doing it right away. Important and Not Urgent will get done later. Not important and urgent will get delegated to someone else or left for later. Not important and not urgent will probably not get done.
Abby W.
I just keep my focus on the tasks that I have to get done, so then when I am done with my priorities, I can relax and enjoy time doing whatever makes me happy! There is nothing better then going to bed at night knowing that you had a productive day.
Deniz N.
I close my phone and get away with every distractive things. Sometimes listen focusing music. My work environment is so clean and minimalist. So I am sure that nothing can distract me. I determine what to do before the day, evaluate the time management and I seperate my to do list into small pieces. That is my solution to stay focused!
Laura C.
I do my best to resist them and I always celebrate the small victories, like not looking at a text message or ignoring my urge to talk to my family if I’m trying to get some deep work done. Most importantly, I’m not too hard on myself if I slip up, even if it happens a lot. Good luck!
Justus U.
That is honestly my biggest challenge to date. I work in a noisey office and I am prone to "…squirrel!" Momemts naturally. I have started to carry noise-reducing (not blocking, the hi def ones) ear plugs for when I really need to get stuff done or want to hear my friends at a concert or being in the park….still a work in progress.
Fanatical G.
I am usually distracted by phone, so I put him really away and turned off notification or I just ignore him.

Sometimes I listen to music on Spotify, so then I don't have the feelings, that I really need a phone right now :/

Kranthi Z.
Focussed time using fabulous sessions help with distractions with having a paper handy to write about distractions and come back to them later
Christa N.
I don’t. I mean I get distracted so easily. I struggle with that every day. I really have to stick to my schedule. I write it all out the night before and read it first this in the morning with coffee. I have to learn to say no and stop rescuing everyone. It’s just hard
Nicole S.
Phone is #1 distraction. Commit to putting it on airplane mode for a set amount of time and get a task done. Or keep a distractions log and identify what are the most common things that take your attention away from what’s important and start refusing to succumb to those distractions one day at a time.
Kristall F.
Whenever you find yourself getting distracted, ask yourself “is doing this activity helping me work towards my goal? Is this helping me?” If the answer is no try to end the distraction within five minutes.
Niomie G.
In my line of work I don't have many distractions but when I do I encounter them head on, deal with them and continue on with my job.