I would like to know how to stop. Sometimes I work too much, I’m worried about leaving some tickets unattended. I used to have an alarm.

Joshua Y.
I'm not quite sure what you're trying to stop exactly as it's not explicitly stated in your question. I'm going to take a stab at a few possibilities I see of what you were asking. If you're trying to stop worrying about your work realize what is and isn't in your control. Knowing that there are things that are out of your control and there isn't anything you can do about them can be calming. Try writing out and identifying what is and isn't in your control then make plans and take steps to deal with those things that are in your control. If you're worried about over sleeping try getting a set schedule of sleep and wake, leave your curtains open to let in natural sunlight that will stimulate the release of chemicals in your brain telling you it's time to wake up. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully I answered your question. If I have not I encourage you to try rewording your question and asking again.
Meg E.
I think what is most important in learning how to stop is learning *what* to stop. What exactly is it that you want to stop doing, and what are healthy alternatives that you can replace it with? Once you have the answer for this, you have a direction to go.
Iida Z.
I can't say I have this problem, I'm trying to get myself to work more but I would say get yourself a cup of hot something when you are about to start working and when you realize it's cold or empty get up right away and either make yourself another on or take a break depending on what the clock says or just stop and do an activity that makes you loss track of time and is fun like a video game when you feel like you're going mad.
Jan R.
Start small. Dedicate every day 10 mins to your goals, this could be a quick walk around your block or house , walking in mindfulness, feeling gratitude for the good that happened in your day etc..don't overload yourself or you will give up soon. Then in the upcoming weeks add a bit more time to your practices, 11 minutes, 12 minutes.. add one minute each week. And do your practice every day.Like this your mind will create a habit and will get used to it. Plus, anyone can spare 10 minutes every day 🙂 x
Serena Z.
I feel that way too at times. I work at a PT office and prior to this pandemic we were extremely busy. There were days I could have stayed well past my stop time, plenty of work to do. For my scenario I had to leave, I have a evening job as well. The unfinished projects will be there the next work day.
Maybe try looking at it this way…..you are important and your life outside of work is important both to your mental and physical well being. I don't know what you do for a living but try and prioritize the things that really need to get done today from those that could wait until the next if you don't get to them. Set two alarms on your phone, maybe 10 min apart? When the first goes off, get whatever it is wrapped up for the day so when the 2nd goes off 10 min later (or 15, etc) you are ready to leave. I am not saying work isn't important but what's that quote, nobody said at the end of their life, "I wish I would have worked more." Know when those alarms go off it is time for you to take care of you and yours. Please try it and tweak it to your liking. You got this, you are awesome!!
Paulino Q.
The best thing is prioritization. You can prioritize all your tasks and leave some of them for the next day. Keep in mind that your life consists of other things as well and it is important to give them some time as well 🙂
Ellie F.
That's a really good question! I can't say much about this because I've never felt this way before but. All I can say is: Turn your alarm in again. First, find things that you really like to do that are not your work. Then set your alarm for 25 minutes and do work for that much time, then move on to a break and do what you like for a few minutes and get back to work! If you work like this for 2 hours in 25 minute intervals, you'll find yourself getting more calm and not so much of a "workaholic" Good luck!!!
Vivienne G.
A tip that I used while I am doing school is just work for 25minutes and then a 5 minute break in between each and every thing you have to do.
Tomek J.
that is exactly what im facing of everyday. i do not have enough time but from the other side i triggered by many distractions and stupid content
Christa N.
Did the alarm work? If yes, why not use it again?
Sometimes we need that little reminder or check in. It’s easy to get so focused that time just slips by. Can you delegate some tasks? Do you plan some fun and social time? And take time to rest to avoid burnout? Breathe. Did you try meditating? There are many different ways to meditate. I find when I picture my next day and the tasks at hand I do better and are more able to just stick to those. Write new emerging tasks down and schedule them. This way I can see what’s on my plate and balance my life a bit better
Perynaz N.
When I work too much like everyday and I start feeling overwhelmed , over stressed so I just quit for day or two and then back on track like I never stopped . But sometimes it's hard to just return to track you know …
Lancia R.
Hi hun. I think you. Should just take some time into thinking about you and meditating works wonders trust me or just do small things like waking up and not going on your phone or giving yourself 10mins or 5mins after every task or job through the day have some breaks to work out or go for a walk or cook without distraction hope it's goes well hun x
Gabby N.
I think you should start some kind of journal. Make it your own! Buy some kind of journal that you love and actually want to use! I spent 10 bucks on a pretty journal because I knew that since I loved it so much I would want to write in it. I recommend each morning, or even the night before, writing down all the goals you want to achieve for that day. And then figure out how long it’s going to take. I would knock out the things like cleaning and everything first, and then do the bigger projects like a work paper etc. and setting alarms is no problem! Just try to check off everything on the list. If you get everything done and have extra time, go back to that task that you want to work more on, and this time you don’t need to worry about stopping because you’ve done everything already
Zanele Z.
It's best to split the deep work throughout the day, I have 2 deep work schedules each lasting 40min, one for the morning at 9am and one for the evening for 4pm. The 40min I split into 3 parts and take breaks in between. If you can't stop remind yourself you are overwhelming yourself, be satisfied with the little you've done so far and assure yourself you'll be coming back to finish off the next day.
Diego F.
It depends on the project you are working on and most of the times it's just a matter of responsibilities that you have taken and you don't want to fail
Ernestine G.
I can say at times I am like that too; a workaholic. Anyways, I've realized that taking time out of a busy schedule does more good than harm. We live in a microwave world. Everyone wants everything to be done fast but sometimes it doesn't have too. Warming up your food with gas can be better, sweeter and even more healthier for our souls and bodies. Let's engage in being slow for a moment. Take time in relaxing and looking back on past achievements and not only thinking of our uncompleted task. At that moment of silence, you begin to realize that there's really time for everything.