How do you deal with tiredness at work. Yes of course the obvious answer is to get sleep going forward, but at that moment in time, you’re already at work so what do you do?

Fernando X.
If it is before 4pm, I may have a cup of coffee. Going for a very short (5 minutes or so) walk outside has also helped me get some energy to continue working.
Konstanze O.
Get up and move your body, the best would be outside, five minutes should be enough. Then have a big glass of water. Anyway, the issue needs to be solved long term, which means to have a regular sleep schedule, eating clean, avoid sugar and drink enough water. Taking vitamin D can help too.
Elias Z.
I eat whole food carbs like fruits, veggies and starches (complex carbs) for the glucose to fuel all of my cells and I feel amazing all the time. I have so much energy and I’m happy too. No brain fog either. Plus I don’t need caffeine for the pick me up. It wasn’t always like this for me, I used to drink 6 Mt. Dews a day before I made the change. The brain, nervous system, digestive system, organs and muscles, etc., require those natural whole foods for energy. Natural whole food carbs are not the enemy like so many people are lead to believe by industries or big business, it’s the way nature intended for humans to eat.
Delores Y.
I drink 8 oz of water and only 1-2 cups of coffee before 3:00pm and I also make sure I get plenty of sleep 😴 and I also turn on my guided meditations and I just relax