Has anybody actually switched to a typewriter or writing by hand just to avoid the distractions of the Internet?

Mya A.
I’ve always written letters, taken notes, and journaled on paper, but I’ve considered getting a tablet just to have everything in one place and to avoid having to buy notebooks and journals. I do work on my laptop however, and to avoid distraction I either turn on Airplane if I can, or set up one of those apps that block the internet while you work.
Alison E.
Yes myself, dont trust the internet. Ive become disconnected from IT in general. Dont enjoy a lot of the people, whom are glued to its every message. I call it curtain twitching, there are uses, but I can live without the intrusion, it has brought me
Julian C.
No, nobody actually switched for a long time. Everyone like to use technology, which gives you possibility to store to your notes, texts, and presentation. In 21 century, everything is open, and there is no chance to use technologies of 20 century and be competitive in 21
K Tia Q.
Handwriting is a much better choice for me. Also, when in deep work, I play a 2h jazz and I try to do not distract for this period of time. It is super hard at first
August Y.
Well, not really.. I never thought of this as a solution to the distractions the internet offers.
But I was always a fan of writing my to do lists by hand in stead of typing them out. I realized that this works better for me than any To Do app. I also like to be able to look back at how I did with my previous to do lists and see which days were productive or not.
I also journal by handwriting.. That just feels right. Everything else I type on a laptop or pc. I don't even think that there is a way to escape from that, since you'll have to be able to email everything you type out. (well, that's my experience)..
Kevin F.
No, it will just make your work less efficient. Try to disconnect your gadget from interner connection might be more effective to avoid distraction.
Harold X.
I switched from PowerPoint to Pen and Paper, because I have a better flow and it helps me thinking more about the concept rather than the actual presentation