How many deep work sessions can I do in a day?

Rosalyn S.
That depends on you. You don’t want to burn out or not get the hard stuff done so it depends on how you use it. Some are more geared toward focused work and it can even be relaxing. The key is balance.

Kasper A.
I think it would depend on the length of the sessions. Deep work can be draining, so I'd recommend no more than 3 sessions in one day. Space them out with breaks or work that requires less concentration.

Silke G.
As many as you think you can. However it is important that you focus deeply on each session. Sometimes you might feel capable of only doing one 45min work session and this is more value than doing more, as long your commited to it.

Celina S.
You can probably do a lot, however it depends on your routines, schedules, and goals. I tend to only do one deep work session a day. 🙂

Hilda Q.
Many. You may think the more the more productive you will be but remember don’t tire yourself out. But I mainly do one a day maybe two if needed

Eliana Z.
If you truly wish, you can fill up your day with them. In that case, 8 hour work days translate in 15 deep work sessions.

However, planning for a maximum is unsustainable. It also does not respect that meetings, and other times you can find inspiration, such as times you simply let your mind wander, are also a very important part of your day.

Therefore, if you see deep work sessions as the time you carve out to work on your true long term goals, try not to go for a maximum of deep work, but rather plan them in a balanced way, so you know you can come back to this habit every (week) day.