Do you do anything to help get into a more productive mindset for deep work?

Jeanette C.
I decide the night before what to do during my deep work session in the morning. Then I don't have to rely on willpower when I wake up and feel tired. I am encouraged to continue with the routine by seeing the the immediate effect it has on my to do list. Finally I am actually getting things done!
Kenzo Z.
Yes, I try to go to an environment that I like, that has stimuli for me like a cup of good coffee and good music and nice light, people around that don't disturb but are going on with their business, doing work or talking, being active anyhow, so I feel inspired and don't get bored because my environment changes and offers support for my state of flow.
Marie Theres F.
Block distractions.
Set a 25 minute time frame for the focused work session to accomplish 1 task (even if it has “sub tasks”).
Practice focused work sessions daily in order to build up stamina and to be to perform multiple focused work sessions in one day when required.
Kunigunde X.
I’ve been using the deep work technique for tedious tasks at work. For me, sitting with a hot cup of coffee and putting on a good song in my headphones will get me there. My next goal is to try it with more creative work, like painting, writing, or making music. I don’t currently have many rituals to get in the zone for this kind of work, other than set up my space for the activity. That’s actually a pretty big one. The ritual of designing your environment to best suit your needs to get the work done. It seems so simple and basic but it really is powerful. If you’re having trouble committing to a deep work sesh, just commit to setting up your space for it. See if you back out once it’s all ready for you to dig in.