Does anyone ever feel like… The work I get paid for is more important than the work I do for myself?

Nathan Q.
In a way it is unfortunately, we need money to live. As a result we often side line our own personal development, our health and happiness. Maybe the best way to do both is get a job you truly love and set aside time every week for yourself.

Carolyn A.
Yes. Last week I prioritized the work I get paid for more than my own goals. The result is, that I spent more days being tired, I did not achieve my goals relating to fitness, eating and health. I feel like I am kinda set back. I also haven't seen my boyfriend very much and I miss him. I am not sure it was worth the money…

Gordon J.
Yes, I feel quite same, for humans are very social and they need to know that what they do is appreciated and needed by others, and payment is the most obvious evidence of that.