How do you prevent yourself from getting distracted to check your phone etc.?

Luke A.
When I'm doing deep work, working out, or reading intentionally, I usually put my phone on do not disturb. My husband knows to call twice if there is an emergency; anyone else can wait until I'm done and can give them my full attention. My work email only updates on my phone when I go into the app and refresh, so I don't get pings throughout the day off I'm away from my desk.

Rose O.
Honestly, I cannot trust myself so I installed an app blocker. I have almost all my apps blocked from 10pm to 10am, and through the app, I've given myself a 30 minute allowance per day for social media. The app also allows me to block all distractions for a certain amount of time. There's even a setting to block certain apps at certain locations. Maybe it sounds a bit extreme, but I need that extra help to keep myself from checking and scrolling through facebook for embarrassing amounts of time. I think the important thing is that it's working. I'm wasting less time on my phone.

Branka E.
For my phone: if I am expecting a call or something, I set a time and an alarm so that I know when to check it. I remind myself that I can check any messages I need to at lunch/on my breaks. I keep it in my knapsack, out of reach and out if sight, so I dont think about it or compulsively check to see if there's anything interesting, because I will dothat if it's on my desk!
I also find that a lot of my daily distractions have ri do with supporting my coworkers. This is a bit trickier. I try to keep an eye out for whether conversations start becoming more casual and less about work, and will try to wrap them up at that point, or save them for later. I also find that delegating is a huge lifesaver!
I hope this is helpful!

Tracy Y.
I put my phone on silent while I need to focus, and either place face down on the desk or put it somewhere I can't see it (eg in my bag). Using pomodoros helps a lot too, as you only focus for 25min chunks at a time, then can spend 5 minutes between pomodoros checking phone, email, etc. I also schedule everything (including time to check and respond to emails, social media etc) in my work day. Knowing that I've made certain blocks of time for tasks helps me to stay focused.

Argentino F.
Mmmmmmm …
Near nigh impossible. I do find using the “night mode” on my iPhone works quite well & placing the phone face down tricky as I work for myself & there are some calls you don’t want to miss …

Matteo Y.
Get someone to hold your phone for you. Or leave it in your car. Add a barrier to get through in order to use it. Tell yourself to just focus completely for 5 minutes. You have to build up your focus stamina. Don't expect deep, long focus the first time if it's always been challenging for you.

Brianna E.
It can be easy to get distracted when we have our smartphones or other technology close at hand, so the best advice is to put them down and find a space free of technology, where you’ll be less distracted.
If you need to keep your phone nearby, turn off notifications, and use something like the Fabulous ‘Deep Work’ habit to focus for a set period of time. Set yourself times when you’ll check your phone or emails, but try to avoid responding to it on demand.
All the best!

Aiden J.
I use the screen time feature on my device. I set up to only have 2-3 hours of fun time a day on my phone. That includes social media, games, and movie/tv apps. I set it to a specific time for each day, if I don’t use all the time I’ve allotted myself then oh well. I also have it set up that I’m unable to access the majority of my apps before a certain each morning and after a certain time each evening. I’ve been more productive each day and haven’t realized how much I get done because I’ve set up dedicated time and once it’s over, it’s over.