I can often get lost for hours in deep work forgetting to take breaks or to stop to eat then end up going to bed very late. I do not want to stop when I get started. What suggestions and advice do you have?

Jeffrey O.
I use lists and also alarms. When you use a list alone, you can get off track and so it's important to have alarms in order to remind you its time to do other things, like eat. I believe it also helps when you use alarms because as time goes on and do things at the same time, eating and sleeping will become another habit and you will eventually develop an inner and natural alarm.
Sergio G.
Have an alarm set with something to do at the end of the work session. Sonehing very different, important and time-sensitive, like walking the dog or calling a friend.
Alexander G.
I have the same problem, so I suggest to set a timer at those times you want to take a break and when you want to stop and then stick to it.
Carmine W.
You can try to have alarms or a fixed schedule in front of you, so you can remember in what you should be spending your time. This problem requires to work very hard on your self discipline, but there is a lot of tools you can use to get record of your activities during the day, so that you can analyse your day.
Neil S.
Set a timer: I like to move at least every hour so I set a timer for 50 minutes if I am having a work day to remind me to get up, stretch, drink water, etc.
Mariele U.
Have timers that rule your life. You also have to have something stronger that will guilt trip you to leave, like a pet who needs a walk or to eat
Al Xio F.
you can divide your work into sessions and adjust timer or you can use deep work sessions in fabulous app .. and plan before your work sessions before starting, what will you do in breaks, how long they will be,.. etc
Scarlett Z.
Try to Section those hours. Set alarms on your phone when you work for each section. Measure the time until you feel that you start feeling less focused and distracted. And try to apply if short pauses (5min) works better than long pauses for you.
Tyrone J.
Try and segment your deep work sessions so that they are lot's of one and half hour sessions. Say you have a lot to do on a certain day, you start by doing doing a one and half hour session which is about 3 pomodoros (google POMODORO technique if u don't know what I mean). Then take a 30 min break. After that, rinse and repeat. 1h 30min session and then 30 min break.

Do as many of these as you need to but it's recommended to keep a limit between 9 and 11 pomodoros per day (about 3 sessions). The original pomodoro technique says that you could also take a break every 25 min, which is about the length of the smallest deep work session timer on the Fabulous app. It's up to you if u wanna do this too. I recommend you use a timer to remind you when to stop. You can chain 3 of the Fabulous deep work 25 min timers with 5 min breaks in between, or then set a timer for 1h 30min and then have a 30 min break.

That's all hope it helps!