I would like to know what other people call deep work.

Alaina E.
Like: detailing a drawer, tuning up filing system, or doing a one step of a large project that will be requiring different phases. Something that seems hard or you're dreading.
Shanwow N.
Anytime where I am fully focused on a singular productive activity. I might have a project to work on or maybe something specific to the day, but as long as I put all of my focus into it with no distractions, to me that’s deep focus.
Ma Lle Q.
It could be a writing project, a research project; yard work, gardening, decluttering spaces in your home, filing taxes, laundry, whatever you feel requires a good amount of focus. It could be cooking a meal, a sewing project, crafting; it doesn’t have to be boring chores, for it also includes your own personal hobbies and passion projects you’ve been meaning to work on for some time.
Bee O.
For me, “deep work” is distraction-free time spent on the most pressing project of the moment. Whether that’s a work assignment, a school project, getting through a particular library book, deep-cleaning your washer and dryer, whatever is your big item on the list. You commit your time to that with no distractions and really focus!