How do I grapple with being under-staffed, unable to accomplish all of my goals and my full-time supervisor regularly arriving an hour late and leaving an hour early? Live and let live and take care of my team and trust someone will notice and take action or trust that there is a legitimate reason for boss’ absences? Or something else?

Roger U.
I eat steel cut oats for breakfast as you can add fruit or a little brown sugar. I use almond milk. It is quick takes 3 minutes to cook, very filling and keeps me full til lunch
Adelinde F.
We all have limited control in our lives and it is important to focus on those things we can change. I suggest revising your goals to those things that are important to you, and achievable given what resources you have rather than what you wish for.
Jonas Y.
Personally, I feel that the live and let live only frustrates me in the long term, so I eventually gather enouh courage (and reason!) to speak about issues on the job. The hardest thing is to not let the emotions get the best of you and talk to the boss about how you feel. It is his/her job to make you comfortable as well as productive. It might be a risk, but you risk losing your composure when things get out of hand completely. Good luck!
Kitty C.
I’m sorry you are in this situation.
I can’t advise you on what to do but I think you need time for your self to clear your mind of stress. Go to the spa and treat yourself with a good massage, read a good book, or take a long walk.
When you are relaxed revisit your problem, write your options, I think you will find the right answer to your questions.
Good luck.
Alcinda I.
Find your motive and follow one small goal at a time until you achieve your main goal. This can be stressful but make sure you are enjoying the path taken along the way towards your goal. Set standards high for yourself and remember that if you are doing your absolute best it doesn’t matter what others think. Manage your time well by getting the small and easy things done first, which will give you a better more accomplished feeling mindset to take on the harder tasks at hand.
Lori P.
Do you feel comfortable bringing this up to your supervisor directly? If not, HR may be able to assist as a third party. Without really trying to address the situation directly, the only other avenue may be to stop having a problem with this behavior. Though it may be unfair, it’s more important that you find peace with the situation. Either approach, try to take care of your needs. Perhaps journaling or meditating or exercising to start? These cliches have some truth to them