How to prevent boredom while doing deep work (including studying)?

Laura X.
When I do deep work for housework there no boredom ☺️ But, while studing, for me it's nesessary to include in my Deep Work routine, not just 25 min of deep work but afterwards I add clench fist, meditate, eat fruit or drink water. For first 3 deep works I have pause of 3 to 5 min, and after fourth time 15-30 minutes of pause. I have stickers in front of me where in different colors I wrote 7 of my positive traits. And another sticker where I written: "I'm focused. I'm confident. I'm smart and capable. I handle situations with ease." (from app SimleHabit)
Ruben C.
Take small little breaks 5-10min just enough to get you recharged but not enough for you to get too distracted. And once your 5-10min alarm goes off it’s back to work
Marie F.
Plan the works, breakdown complex task, celebrate small wins, allocate time for relax and refocus, find a job of your passion, daily take time for self improvement, don't forget to take care of family friends and social activities, always add a 4% challenge with your task such as adding a quick deadline etc. Develop the skills of habit of ferocity and extreme resilience and patience. Etc.