Do you do this every day? I set it for 3 days a week as days with many meetings can make it much harder to concentrate.

Rosane Q.
The task you do should only benefit you and not cause any trouble in your daily routine. Doing a task for everyday of the week made me commit to my habit and it made me stick with the habit even after the challenge ended. This maybe different for different people. If you're able to complete your goal, then that should be enough. With time you would accustomed to this routine.
All the best.

Mah A.
I complete my habits 5 days a week forthe most part..
The weekends for me are a bit different because my days are set up differently.

Dimas Q.
I schedule my morning and afternoon routines every weekday and evening routine includes Sunday. Meetings do make it really tough to complete especially the afternoon routine. I find still that with “deep work” for example being timed at 25 min, I can find at least an hour in the afternoon to get some desk work done. On days it is not possible, I simply leave it unchecked. It’s hard to tailor a system to capture every edge case. I decided to accept perfection isn’t the goal but being mindful of my priorities.