How do you decide which time of the day is best for deep work and good for other no-brain tasks? How do you prioritise if no-brain tasks need to be done as soon as possible and you have many of them?

Selim F.
Depends on where your energy lies most. For me, I have plenty of energy when I wake up so those first 4 hours are super important to get the hard tasks done. By afternoon, depending on if I need to work more, I enjoy taking a break and being mindful of that break. Once 4pm hits, my body hits that lazy point where I can do mindless tasks.
Logan Y.
I work best in the morning before my kids are up, but if you're a night owl it might be better for you to do things in the evening or before bed. For no brain tasks a good rule of thumb is if it takes 2 mins or less do it now. Otherwise I do them during deep work once or twice a week. If you start the 'do it now' rule you won't have to worry about prioritizing.