What is your favourite music to do focused work to?

Diana X.
I do my focus work in silence as music distracts me, but choose what works for you. Maybe something without lyrics is easier to not be distracted by.
Andreas C.
I use the classical music for studying, smooth jazz, and the video game music channels on Pandora to support my focus. Instrumentals work the best. If I really need to hammer through something, I go back to my favorite hard rock or 80’s heavy metal.
Elizabete C.
Complex classical music on a single instrument is the best because it’s very mathematical for the brain. I like piano sonatas and Bach’s violin partitas.
Annette C.
The new Daniel Amen Barry Goldstein piece that involves brainwaves. Or other Relaxation Music, Softjazz, something that doesn’t distract me from my goals but enhances my work.