What does deep work mean to you?

Abbie O.
Deep work means I am following a planned list of tasks. I am focusing on the current task and not letting myself be distracted. At the end of the activity I cross it off my list. My objective is to have crossed off every task at the end of the day or to figure out why I didn't and adapt.

Charlie E.
Non-interrupted work. You have to focus yourself so that your thoughts don’t go off on a tangent. You also need to make it clear to others around you that you are going into you space for the next how ever many minutes and you are not to be bothered. In my case, this means I have to ask the other family members to keep the dog away from me. Or I have to walk the dog and get her sleeping.

Sharon W.
It's very helpful because it's gives me a chance to work done. And to give importance to myself & my family!
Thank you

Harvey F.
Blocking all distractions, writing a to do list and completing each action 1 by 1 for 3 hours! The key is to complete the items I’ve prioritized! Hopefully this helps, good luck!

Rosie O.
Previously I have been using it for fun design elements or similar but I am starting to focus more on organizational and minimalist design so that is what I am going to use is for now. One of the Journey letters helped me realize I can transform that which I want and rather than designating a new challenge I thought that’s perfect for Deep Work. I see Deep Work as a gift of time to sit down with that for which I struggle in motivation but that I find really fun once started.

Prado F.
To me deep work is an allotted time you dedicate to the most crucial and creative tasks you need to get done. Which means your focus has to be entirely on the task with no distractions in order to create and build.

Eduardo F.
Getting focused on the task at hand. Concentrating solely on what I am working on. Visualizing that task completion when deep work is done.

Jayden Q.
For me, there are two categories of deep work. Physical deep work is a deep cleaning of something or a hard run. There is also deep work that is emotional or mental – studying for the bar, prepping a case for trial, or doing therapy type journaling.

Ces Rio A.
For me it means to focus on something until you've done it, making sure no to distract yourself from what you have to do and you want to do. In order to do this is important to be clear on what you have to do and what you want to do, it is important also to free the environment of distractions.
From a Spanish member

Adrualdo Q.
Any task that needs to concentrate or not to be interrupted and most probably is not a nice task
Example: studying, cleaning…

Emil F.
Deep work to me means a project or task that you have dedicated a specific time to and have taken actions to eliminate distractions so you can focus 100% of yourself on completing what you are trying to achieve.

Abigail F.
Work you engage in with full concentration. Deep Work is work you put a lot of effort into even if it’s hard or almost impossible

Salviano E.
It means engaging yourself in an activity or chore without being distracted. For example, I had a huge pile of papers for a very long time I said I would get to, as ND I finally did it during the declutter challenge so that was deep work for me which led to additional work in my home