Do you have a strategy to focus better or more quickly?

Sara P.
I think getting an accountability partner works very well in this regard. Check-in regularly with your accountability partner

Anton B.
I don’t really have a strategy that is set in stone, I’m kinda winging it half the time and the other half I do apply some form of semi plan/strategy. I’ve started working on self improvement about two years ago, the first year was just about making money and trying to figure out what I wanted and the changes I needed to make. I read a book called the power of habits which is one of the reasons I joined fabulous as I understand the importance of positive habits. So my first year I worked on raising money with the hope that I think of a business idea or a some way to upgrade my life and the second year I took some time to think of how I was going to create the life I wanted, I’m near the end of the second year (June) I’m working on a startup since end of summer. I have made amazing progress more than I imagined I’d make, I’m very clean and tidy since I’ve started my self improvement and I’m very good at keeping things around me organized and neat but I have not yet created a plan for the rest of the daily stuff that would enable me to be more productive. I also have been finding myself fighting against being depressed/burnt out since December (4months now) it’s strange things have improved significantly in my life since I’ve started my journey but the better I’m doing the more pressure there is for me to maintain my momentum and keep the progress going and I kinda hit a little low energy period and I’ve been struggling mentally to deal with all the new added stresses which I didn’t have before or they were just different I’ve traded one stress for another and this one is better than where I was before but it’s a little more intense because I feel so close to my goal but I need to figure out how to have more control over my emotional well being and what changes I need to make to to feel better. I have recently noticed that I am starting to try again and my inspiration is starting to ignite again but I’m in a very delicate place where I feel like everything is up to me and I really have to pull through and not let things or people make me forget where I want to go. So I do need help or tricks to help me stay disciplined, I’m so good at being disciplined in some areas and in others I’m just a mess … it’s so frustrating!

Faruk X.
No waiting time at the office by focusing on tea time and breakfast and actually just start with work and do concentrated work for at least 2hrs in the morning

Katharina X.
1….get out distraction anything that cause you distract distance yourself
2…. Meditate…
4….. Read in alone

Sara P.
Yes if you are a woman you need rituals in between your tasks. It can be small rituals like drinking water or pulling a card or journaling for 5 mins.

Bebiano E.
Put your phone down, your phone will ALWAYS distract you no matter how hard you try, so put it in silence mode 🤫 and hide it.
Wear headphones (yeah i know) you don't have to be listening to music if you don't want to, but this will help you block outside sounds and people around will see that you're not available at the moment so you can focus on your tasks.
Also "lock yourself up" find a spot that you like in your house, in the park, in your workspace… And be just with yourself, take long breathes and start working

Audrey E.
Do the deep Work session! It’s important that you always stay your day by writing your habits and then removing all possible distractions by using an interruption log.