When do you Deep work?

Danilo Q.
After dinner before bed. Seems to suit me best. I don't have a tv so instead I do things and make the most of my time. I'm relaxed after the days work and dinner is over.

Ellen S.
I usually do it during the mid day, but I'm trying to implement it into my morning routine, so I can more easily go from home immediately to Deep Work at my future job!

Sahin T.
I do (home)work when I get back from school because my mind is fresh from recently learning about what it is I have to revise.

Valdemar G.
When I know I will not have any distractions. When I have too to work afterwards, it's much more difficult to concentrate.

Isabella N.
My schedule is always different, but my deep work phases are usually best early in the morning or late at night. I stopped trying in the early afternoon, since I’m too tired around that time. If it’s the only time I have in a day, I’ll consider how urgent I have to work on specific things. If I can set aside time the next day for it, I’ll work on food prep, or just write for a bit, maybe play a little music.