How would you make sure you spend constant deep work time everyday, in the face of distraction? Something else comes up and I end up procrastinating deep work

Fadime U.
I picked one big thing and trying to complete it in that day so part of my work is do deep work session. But I couldn’t do it for more strategic task that I put it for personal development
Lylou Z.
Tell yourself that it is only for 25 minutes or whatever time it is. Then make t a priority. Bring whatever it is that you will need with you wherever you go. Let yourself ir anyone know that you need to get this time to re-group a little. Then do it.
Malou N.
Use apps to manage screen time, lock yourself in the room, put everything except what you need outside, turn off WiFi if possible or at least turn on do not disturb
Constance W.
I set timers for myself and try to keep distractions away as much as possible. For example, I’ll go with 30 mins of deep work checking emails, take a 5 min break to stretch or move, then another 30 mins working on another task. I don’t answer texts/messages/emails during this time, nor do I let myself get distracted by other tasks unless absolutely necessary
Robert G.
Keep an alarm clock or a watch or some proper device that will show you the time constantly with you. Keep it right in front of you. It shouldn't be a mobile phone or an electronic device because it creates a lot of distraction itself. By seeing the time by and by you will constantly be reminded of your work which will force you to focus and complete your task on time even if you get sidetracked.