Do you always take a break after a deep work session? If so, what do you do during that time?

Mathias Z.
Yes! Even if it’s a few deep breaths and then a quick look round to refocus the eyes. I then decide, based on how I feel, whether or not to take a longer break, and whether or not to switch up activities.

Filippa U.
Hi Fabulous user! Yes, I do take a break while I am doing my deep work. But it is different than if you are just doing school or work or studying and you take breaks. When you take breaks like that, you may reward yourself with one episode from Netflix, reading one chapter of a book or something like that. Deep work is, you know, deep. So you don’t want to get too off track. I like to have a quick 5 minute break. I will do my business if I have too, stretch a little — no routine, do what feels good to your body —, I will do 5 jumping jacks to get moving a bit and stuff like that. But it is your break. Your deep work. Do what you want. And don’t have a routine for your breaks. Just do what feels right at that time. Keep on being Fabulous! 👋

Elya Z.
No, I don’t always take a break. Sometimes, when I have a lot of work to do I use deep work sessions to budget time and know when to stop one task and move on to the next. Although I don’t take a break, I make sure to acknowledge the good work that I have completed during that time before moving on.