Do you use electronic tools to help you focus or do you find that disconnecting from your devices is more conducive to focusing? I’m finding both to work for me but under different task conditions.

Luke N.
I use electronic devices only to stream music, listen to a devotional or a podcast when I’m working on a project or something. These things help me focus and get tasks completed in a timely manner. I try not to use it for anything else other than that because I find that I will get distracted from the tasks I am wanting to complete.

Xaver Q.
I use pomodoro or other timers to help me stay on task. I also use a timer that I can set to vibrate at certain intervals.

Antonin O.
I think you have a good answer in your question – both methods work, under different conditions! I find that the Fabulous app helps me focus on Deep Work times or exercise, etc., when I'm unsure of what I want to do, or I'm feeling scattered. But then when I get involved in my work or exercise, I often don't like interruptions of any sort, even if it's a prompt from my app. Still, I will most likely be using my technology to play music or have references at hand; but I'll silence notifications so I can avoid interruptions.

Amanda Y.
As long as you stick to your plan or tasks, it doesn’t matter. However, if you’re type easily distracted by mails, youtube videos or games then you have to be sure that they are off. It is not possible to be stay offline since some tasks need internet. It’s all about willpower.

Victoria A.
When for studying I have to read, disconnecting my devices helps me to focus. I just use a timer. When I need to do searches on the Web for studying, I use some apps such as Forest to prevent me to distract

Katalin E.
I use both electronic tools and disconnecting from my device. I prefer to use an electronic tool because it gives me reminders and times, but then I use my device a lot more than the average American!

Thea Z.
Sometimes I think I need my electronics to help me focus but in reality I don’t really need them. I just use my computer for essays and online assignments but my phone always distracts me. It is scientifically proven that music does more harm than good to your focus (some classical music works though)

Charlotte Z.
I have a very loud intrusive alarm on my cell phone that would wake the dead. Sounds off for about 120 seconds. It works 😓