How you control being over competitive?

נועם סרוסי N.
Understand that you don't have to compare yourself to others too much. You want to succeed, no matter what score others get
Amanda A.
The first step is to recognize when you’re starting to feel overcompetitive. From there, try to control your impulses to beat the other person (or whatever you’re competing against) by restraining your emotions and keeping them in check. That way you won’t let them control you. 🙂
Joseph U.
If you think about the competition in a broader context you can determine how important it is then you can see how your reaction to the competition should be. Think about the big picture. Is it more important for you to have a better relationship with the person you’re competing against or is it more important for you to win? If you were playing a board game with your family or friends, do you want to destroy those relationship by winning it against them in a ruthless fashion or do you want to enjoy the game. Define winning as having fun and building strong ties to your family versus a stupid objective of winning the game. Healthy competition is good, just understand the end game in a broader context and make sure you are defining the “win” properly.