How do you maintain concentration? What kind of work do you do during Deep Work sessions? Any kind? Errands as well? Like folding clothes or doing the dishes?

Grete U.
I maintain concentration during deep work by focusing my mind on the task at hand, participating in each one and reminding myself of why I am doing the task and the results I want to see when I have finished. During deep work I read, I write, I journal, I handle tasks I have put off and yes that can include doing the dishes or folding clothes.
Ella O.
Anything really that you consider deep work is deep work. I would focus more on something that is for yourself. My deep work includes reading, writing, research, practicing another language. It is filled with the thinks I wan to do that day that are contributing to my goals.
Andree W.
My concentration improved with doing mindfulness which was ACT that is acceptance and commitment therapy after doing that and meditating my concentration improved so much so what I do as a whole range of things in deep work it's usually paperwork and and some learning learning new skills brain exercises I do as well
Carl C.
Concentrate through dedicated focus, clear intent. Topic can be anything – key is no distractions – work with presence and intensity. Set fixed time to get it done. In a way the question illustrates lack of focus – multiple directions…first work one thing, then the next, then the next…