How do you stay motivated to do deep work when you feel inspired to do something else, or are not sure your deep work session will be productive?

Stanley Z.
I try to assess what I really need to focus on, and also what I most want to fovus on and find a compromise before I start. Then I choose a lecture or online class that relates to listen to for 20 minutes before I start my deep work. This helps me stay on task and gives me new information to apply to whatever my focus is for tbe day. Also Piers Anthony had amazing techniques around writers block that work really well.
Evelyn Z.
Remind yourself that not every work session has to be productive. As long as you are working, it will help build the habit and improve your ability to focus. Even if you feel like it is not worth it to follow your habits on a given day, if you do them anyway it will help engrain the habit in your mind, and in the future it will come more naturally and you will be able to become focused and productive automatically. You don't have to be perfect, ever. Off days are just a part of life, and the best we can do is to not let them affect us too much. Just be patient and remember that self-improvement has no end goal, you will always be making progress and becoming more fabulous!
Gomes F.
I try to start my deep work sessions with a “warm up activity” – either a part of the main task that I feel most inspired to do, or the part that I think will ease me into flow. Sometimes the warmup isn’t part of the main task, but it may be something else that I feel more inspired to do or that I know I need to do to get it off my mind so that I can focus during my deep work. I guess the key is that I think of it as a warmup.
Leonie E.
It's a kinda interesting to do deep work it makes me satisfactory and make me feel free about the things I am going to do after that.It makes me more productive with less distractions…
Nicole P.
I try to imagine why I am doing it. We chose to do the hard things for a reason. Imagening how good I will feel once I reach that goal is inspiring
Frederikke E.
If my mind wanders I write it on a post it note and evaluate for a minute what would be better in the long run to complete at the moment. Then, i make sure I get done at least one major goal and 5 minor goals. Even if my deep work isn’t productive, i should at least get something done
Dianne Y.
Write down your wish what you want to do and try to get into your deep work as soon as possible … If it doesn't work in a few minutes then finish your deep work session for the day
Andrea O.
It's mostly the voice of the ego that wants to do something else or thinking something is "productive". I acknowledge my fear of discomfort and falsing believing in the notion of inspiration and motivation is about as trivial and inane as new years resolution and shortcuts. Don't rely on motivation and inspiration. Why are u doing it at all in the first place. Where is the desire and urgency of the thing and how u define deep work is personal to you. Just do what you personally feel you are called to do from a soul urge not on some idea of motivation and inspiration. The "staying motivated and feeling inspired" waxes and wanes like the cycle of the moon. Do it from an inner need then the whole concern of a session being productive or not will be like a concern if you need an umbrella bc its raining. You will just know.
Theresa C.
I will make it quite simple
If you want to be productive then burn down all the sources of retreat
I was studying a book in which there was a ruler who went to fight Army greater than his own kingdom to a place which was opposite the ocean so when he reached there burnt all his ships and said to his soldiers either we will die there or we will win because we don't have any chances to run away so for being productive remove all the Retreat you should have only that I don't have any option of doing hard work if I don't do I would die
Mike Z.
I start by drinking water, and then i put alarm clock for 25 minutes and i say to myself i start only work this amount of time, and then i see that i want to di more