As a 12 year old gotta long should I deep work for in one sitting

Capucine Q.
Being 12 year old doesn't mean you can't do deep work! It is even better to learn focusing only one thing at the time in that age, as you are likely to need it in the future too. You can use pomodoro method, doing deep work or study sessions for 25 minutes and resting for 5 minutes, then going back to work. This way will help you to get things done and you will not be so tired. There is nothing wrong with working deep as long as you have breaks when needed. Good luck!

Susanna O.
I just have to say that I am really glad you’re here. I wish I had a tool like the Fabulous when I was young.

It really depends on how long you can maintain focused attention. Most people starting out will set a timer of about 25 minutes and then a five minute break.

Studies show that the optimum is 50 minutes followed by a 10 to 12 minute break.

On those breaks, it’s a good idea to move your body. Movement especially exercise, is like “Miracle Gro“ for the brain.

I could go a lot deeper on this subject, but I trust this is helpful enough to get you going.

More power to you!