What time do you wake up (and how) in order to get the full habit list done? (like exercise, meditation and deepwork session)

Gary U.
For me the key is to make sure your list is manageable and will work for you. If it’s too hard or too long then it’s not going to work. First I itemized the list based on what works for me. I find it easy to meditate when first waking up and going to sleep. But exercise for the most part occurs after work rather than in the morning. So I do a quick session in the morning and save the rest in my evening. If it’s manageable you shouldn’t have to get up super early to make it happen.

Tristan P.
I usually wake up around 8:30am.
I drink water, have breakfast at home, then bring up my bag, go to the gym( I have an exercise plan for myself already), or I'll do 7 minutes workout in my home. (The tip to stick to an exercise plan is to start small, have an easy plan like push up 10 reps a day, which is easy and u feel no burden to complete it at all, this gives u confident and positive feeling of getting full control of your plan💪)
For my afternoon routine, I tell myself that I start working at 2 pm. At 2pm, I'll be in front of my desk, setting up my table, give myself a cup of tea, play lofi beats which make me focused, at that time. All the steps make me ready, then I put down tasks to be done in the afternoon, by priority. Also I have a distraction page which I could jot down what makes me distracted, then go back to work.
After deep work session is done, I review distraction page, complete items what I could have done immediately, put the items that needs to be planned into my calendar. Then cross them out!

Imre S.
Naturally by going to sleep at 9pm. And letting my body clock have 8 hours sleep.
If I do wake early I still stay in bed 8 hours.
Balances and lets your body rhythm look after you