After a point of time any activity that gets boring but is important to do, how to bring it back to life?

Marcus P.
i think for me, focusing on the importance of the activity to my overall purpose always helps me bring life back to things that i’m doing no matter how unsatisfying they may be for the moment.
Khushi X.
I always say that you reached here you can do it so I get lil more motivated and start it again or just carry on my activity which I started
Nicole O.
I'll look at what others have done, mostly on social media. It'll give me ideas or the silly motivation of "if they're doing it I've got too as well!". But when I really sit and think about it I say "imagine what it would be like if you didn't do it. It'll be a burden on your mind and you'll never feel really good about yourself. Also, it's not as hard as you think it is when you get started!" 😊
Hiba N.
I can relate to this a lot, sometimes you just forget to do something or loose interest in it even though it's very important. There are many things you can do to help this. First, time is a precious thing. In time, of you slowly tell and allow yourself to know really important something is you'll get back to it really quick! Keep reminding yourself everyday of that activity and soon you'll be back at it! Second, I like to tell myself consequences of something if I let it go and it helps me become more dedicated to continue it! For example, if I am slowly loose Intrest in studying, I'll tell myself what are the bad consequences that could happen if I don't work hard and then I tell myself the good consequences if I continue studying. By doing this, I find Intrest in the activity again. Lastly, just try to bring more of that activity in your life. For example of its excersise that needs to be brought back then start with buying or placing things in your house that can help you excersise such as excersise mats, those cool looking water bottles, training clothes, and other gym equipment, and place these things somewhere you can see them everyday. By doing this the chances of you working out increase a whole lot and you'll end up excersising more!!! So apply these three steps to any activity you are loosing Intrest in and is very important. Let me know of the result!!! Good luck 👍
Jenna P.
Take a break…Step away go for a walk occupy you mind with something else for awhile. Pushing thru doesn't make for better work.
Yana N.
Remember why it's important in the first place. What happens (or doesn't happen) if you don't complete the activity? If its working out, think about how your body will never change if you don't do it.
Chris W.
Change it up as much as possible.

Change the order of the activities if that makes sense. For example, my morning routine is to take vitamins, shower, and then brush my teeth but those can be done in any order without losing anything.

For something like exercising, change the type of exercise. If you’re doing yoga, go run. If your doing cardio, do anaerobic exercises.

Toni F.
Be creative. Think of different ways to work on it or a different area. Change things up and try not be afraid to try something different, it may just be the best decision of your life