What’s your playlist for this time?

Tilde C.
Chillax, it's mostly electronic chill and a couple with pianos and an orchestra. I like to listen to it when waking up, relaxing or stressed.
Suchita F.
My playlist is a mix of Hindi and Tamil songs, which are the ones that my family has in the CD’s in our car that I have on Spotify. They are more of the party style ones that have more oomph on the music being played, which is the type of music that I like and also like that type of music in American pop songs.
Erika O.
Started listening to recent Taylor Swift songs and from Marina, after those songs, in Spotify there’s a playlist called f**k love. I’m tired of living in a man’s world where a women can’t exist peacefully, just for being a woman. Besides trying to cope with a recent breakup that felt like I lost everything I knew was real. I can’t believe in myself yet, I want a safe place to be redirecting my violent urges, like screaming non stop and breaking things.

I’m hating the me I let another person lie to me, making me feel crazy about our reality.

I can be the best friend I need and trust, I just need space and self compassionately work through things.

Trish G.
Playlist as in music is happy songs. Playlist as to what are my plans for today is to get my sons lessons done and do a lot of my own schoolwork.
Malikah E.
For the evening, I love to keep my environment calm and relaxing. Journaling is one of my favourite things to do, I’m trying to implement reading as well every night for about 30 mins – 1 hour before sleeping. Setting the mood off with a scented candle lit, play calming music or recitation, and depending on my schedule do some research work, journaling (reflecting on my day: 5 good things I did & 5 bad things I did that I should improve on), reading and preparing my schedule roughly for the day( eg. Wake up at 5am, workout at 6:30am, or important duties I have for the day).