Should I do deep work longer than the allocated time? Or do I need to say NO, and carry on the next day

Ngela E.
Do what you feel: do step by step, don’t stress yourself with longer time work. Ad breathing: you are not able to fluenty breath now? Don’t panic: short and little breathe. After Trying and trying, you will be able to breathe longer and fluenty.

Tilde G.
Basically, up to you!
If you work longer than allocated time, it might mean that you need to finish something. If you don't have to do that, you might push it to next day. Personally I don’t like strict time line because sometimes you just need more time or less. What if I finished what I have to do earlier than allocated time? What if I just need ten more minutes. You also want to have personal life, like eat dinner or you have an walk appointment with someone in the afternoon, you might have to stop. For me, If i dont have to stop, i finish what i was doing and then do the next thing. Also have a general idea how much you want to get done before you start, then it is easy to stop when you are done with the amount you expected. Ok, sometimes it doesnt go as we predicted but I would go with what I need. Like, if I am working through dinner time- if other people are depend on my work but otherwise I try to do important things like eating on time, drinking water, going to bed on time, spending time with family. All depends on your priority!!

Alison E.
So I feel the same urge but my reasoning for limiting to the allotted time is:
1)trust the fabulous process. Once I get the smaller habit down, I can focus on building on that habit. I am positively hungry for some the expanded options I can see (the inactive ones) but I need to learn to walk before I can run
2) its funny, but by cutting yourself off you can use that hunger you feel at the end of the session productively: eg plan out how you want to make tomorrow’s session more effective, etc.

N I Q.
You should do deep work longer but all you have to do is keep track of all your other stuff. So at some days you should write more than the allocated time then the next day you should stay with the regular time.

Anatole A.
Take a 5 minute break, and keep working if you feel you need to. If you feel like you’ve accomplished everything you can today, then by all means wait until the next day. But it’s important to take a break to let your mind relax for a few minutes, so that you can maintain the same level of concentration as you had before.

Ian W.
Unless there is an urgent deadline you have to meet, In most cases I would say “No” and carry on the next day. Other things are quite important as friends family exercise and good sleep!

Christian P.
I would say that until you feel comfortable with the set time and can focus on the single task the entire time, you could probably gradualy extend it up to 45 minutes. It really isn't good to go any longer than that without a mind and body break.

Lucy W.
Take a 2-3 min break where you sip some water and walk around the office and then sit down back at it! The pomodoros technique is exactly that. Do 4 of these in a row and then take a much longer break like an hour or so. Then continue!

Donald A.
I think you can do deep work as long as it is effective. This depends on you energy level and other chores you need to do.