Do you listen to music or have anything going on in the background during deep work? Even sitting by a window can be distracting, but sitting in a completely silent, dark room on an uncomfortable chair can be just as counter-productive. How do you minimize distraction while maintaining a comfortable work environment?

Molly F.
Well, I honestly don’t have THAT much of a comfortable work space, but when I study or work I put my phone outside of my room so I won’t check it every five seconds, I try to focus at the task at hand and forget about my surroundings although every now and then I end up day dreaming which I guess is fine lol
Hope this was helpful

Ana U.
I like to listen to some classical or electronic music that doesn’t have lyrics (because I find the lyrics distracting). I also usually try to find a spot outside like at a coffee shop or park where there is enough going on to keep me from feeling like the silence is weird but to still be peaceful. I’ve also noticed the sitting on the ground works well for me because I have more freedom to move around and change my sitting position without having to completely reorganize what I’m doing.

Anja Y.
Generally, when I'm doing my deep work, my mother is listening I FOX NEWS. For her to hear it, the volume is up higher than I would like, so I either put in earbulbs, with or without anything for me to hear in addition to the tv program.
This has been the situation throughout my life, even when my aunt and father were live, so I have learned to force on what I'm doing so the sound of the tv kind of fades into the background and actually increases my absorption of the material that I am studying/researching.

Peter E.
Listen to none intrusive repetitive music,
Use a river like productivity challenge timer app
And make a commitment to get o your work station preferably quiet and without distractijns and start with the first single most important thing