How do I get into that first ‘part’ of work? I always struggle with actually sitting down and committing to a task, but once I am focused I can work productively. How can I motivate myself to start that task I’ve been putting off?

Carolyn W.
I can also struggle with this. Key is to eliminate distractions. Grab a cup of tea and coffee, put your phone on silent or do not disturb mode, you don’t want to have to reach for your phone to check things. Set a timer for the time you want to complete the task or start a deep work exercise on here and then put your phone at a distance that you can’t reach. Devote yourself to the task and if any distractions arise write them down and carry on! You’ll feel super proud when you complete the task! And I know this because I can struggle with focus and completing tasks a lot but this actually helps, bit by bit we’ll get there! Good luck 🙂 x
Oliver S.
Maybe you can break that task into smaller sub-tasks? The first small subtask may be easier to start with – and then you‘re in the flow…
Tim F.
Preplan is the answer , then break it down in smaller parts, easier to set small goals ,get them done and continue through the list
J Ssia Q.
Drink water. Make sure you dont have any food cooking or expecting to go out or ppl to come in. Take 3 deep breath and force you as down and do it because you can
William W.
I set a certain amount of time that I will focus on work and plan what kind of fun things I will do during the break after that work time. It motivates me to work harder because there is a reward that I can look forward to.