Anyone have any suggestions for how to sit and think for half an hour without doing anything else at the same time? Or do you think it’s okay to combine this with a non-thinking task like cleaning?

Marshall Z.
It is as simple as that. Just take notebook, pen and sit somewhere at silent place. Don't force yourself to think on anything. You mind is smart enough to think on something which is important. List down all the points which are coming in your mind. You can perform this activity for half n hour.
Marian I.
Well, as long as you achieve your goal to think about what you had to think about, it's worth it. But if you find yourself escaping the topic you wanted to think about – the best way to think is next to a table with a piece of paper and a pen. Good luck!
Uwe Z.
I prefer to just sit and let my thoughts float. Meditation would be too a strong word for it, i’d Call it mindufulness. I suggest you try the app headspace. I find it
Tommy U.
I think it’s easier to think while doing a non-thinking task, for me it’s easier to think while walking. Also, it might help if you record yourself thinking out loud regardless of whether you’ll listen to the recording later or not.
Amir F.
To not to do anything you need to do it. Quite confusing.

When we thrive not to remember something, say red colour, our brain continues to see red colour ever where in efforts to not remember it.

So if I try not to think I have to either keep my attention in a blank thought; Which seems not possible. Or else i can opt to sleep, where definitely the thoughts cannot be witnessed with consciousness.

And the last thing, which seems to me the only way is, just observe the thoughts and let them fade. It makes no difference that what and how many thoughts are coming up until it gets no attention in consciousness way

Pablo Z.
Well, this is something I have often tried to do myself. Since I took up yoga it has become much easier for me to sit still and just let my thoughts float. I sug