What do you consider deep work on weekends or rest days?

Ritthy F.
Whatever I have to do that day. May it be preparing breakfast for my children, tee and coffee. Starting prep work for lunch. Swiping kitchen floor or some other house work.
Christian N.
I don’t have the concept of days off anymore, neighter of vacation. I find it way more useful to strive for a daily balanced life that includes everything in one day. Work, Rest, Vacation, Play, Fun, Duties etc. Of course you can’t fit everything in one day, so there has to be some sort of organization. What works for you, works for you. What doesn’t, doesn’t.
So in short, I want to have deep work everyday. But if I run into imbalance or there is a reason for recuperating, then by all means – I take a day or more off.
Fane G.
I'm learning a new language and I also study the Bible. So, any language learning session, archeology, geography, history, research I do for a planned period of time where I force my self to stayed focused I consider deep work. I hope that helps you see in your own life what you could consider deep work.
Youssef S.
if I feel like doing the extra work, of course I will !
I've been doing the deep work for like 3 months now every single day !
however, I took a two day rest last week.
Domniki X.
Anything that makes me evolve into something i want, and completes my goals, for example, studying for Spanish lessons or editing my passion project.
Suki N.
Meditation or some kind of mindfulness, it requires full concentration and helps a lot but I often put off starting as it feels like work even though it’s acc quite enjoyable once starting, it just requires concentration and discipline
Helo Sa S.
Any kind of personal project that I am working on. Sometimes if I need to do a lot of cleaning or decluttering I will consider that deep work.
Katie F.
Deep work on yourself! Working to find something you can be focused on that makes you happy personally and isn’t for anyone but you. This could be a yoga session, plotting your novel, or a long run.
Chandler C.
Deep work on the weekends is cleaning the house up, or getting ready in small ways for the weekday. On rest days, deep work can be as simple as doing gratitude, meditation and showering.
Kerri F.
I did't consider it for rest days. I spend time with my church family and on my rest day i am lethargic. Possibly i should consider planning something i enjoy as well as rest.
Loren X.
I don't know but today I'm counting getting my inbox to zero finally! It was a big task and will help me work better in the future.
Alessandra N.
On weekends I do not look for “deep work”, I dedicate my time to what I like to do. Nonetheless, to avoid being too lazy and regret the waste of time, I try to have goals like “visit an exhib”, “go for a walk@ ecc But I think on rest days it’s definitely ok to… rest!